Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dear Stranger #1

Dear Stranger,

We are living in a world with progressive technology lessoning the physical  interaction we have with one another. Don't make this mistake. Don't become addicted to the drug we call a screen.

Remember that every minute that you stare is a minute that will never return as it gets stolen . Day after day staring at the screen when you're in your room, with your friends as you talk, as you walk. you loss those precious minutes for nothing. 

You'll miss all the excitement life gives if you do.  

There is so much more out there, go on a road trip, fine something you love that's not on the screen, admire the beauty that living has to offer with the people you love. 

I'm not saying to abandon it, there will be times when it's needed. I am however saying be wary and step back at times because sixty seconds can turn into lost hours and those hours will never be returned.  

From The Past 

Celest xo 

PS. I am going to be posting a youtube video on this I think so stay tuned on social media if you want to see it :) 


  1. This is really good, and i'm totally excited to see the YouTube video.

    1. hey thanks Madeline, I'm having such fun editing it :)

      - Celest xo