Sunday, 5 October 2014

The natural cure to dark under eye circles + damaged hair!

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Coconut oil what a beautiful thing it is, there are just no words to describe how much I love it. Why you might ask? Well because it is amazing at helping your skin and hair!

Skin: being oh so fortunate by having a Latina background I was gifted with the beautiful look of having dark under eye circles or also known as racoon eyes. How lucky am I! I have found a solution! Rub coconut oil on the area that is dark and I promise you they will fade over time.

Hair:  I use coconut oil as a hair treatment to hydrate and strengthen my hair. I do it once to twice a week and I noticed the difference straight away when I began using it.  These are the steps I take


1.      Cover hair in the oil, comb through
2.      Wrap hair in a hair cap or towel (if using a towel heat it up so the oil stays in its liquid form)
3.      Rest for at least an hour
4.      Rinse out with your normal shampoo and conditioner
Some people say you shouldn’t use shampoo while rinsing, I however haven’t found a difference when I do or don’t use it. Some other benefits of using it is clearing dandruff, strengthening hair allowing it to grow faster, softens and illuminates it within one use

You can buy coconut oil at any supermarket. I strongly recommend this treatment if you have curly hair because it makes your curls hold easily as well as reduce frizz.

Celest xo