Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lights! Camera! Action!!!!

One of the subjects I do is Fashion & Textiles and every year the school puts on a fashion parade; a night when people can come and view what the Senior School students have created during the year.  The garment I choose to put in from my years’ work was inspired by 90s grunge and 60s Op & pop art.  I was however inspired by the idea of a slinky…and…I still don’t know why….a slinky came to mind so I thought “HEY! Let’s put pleats across the legs so it has the same concept of a slinky”….it was so random…

Making the garment meant stressful late night, constant drives to Spotlight, and getting frustrated because you can’t find the right material.   Oh and let’s not forget the endless pricking of the finger and unpicking stiches.

Show time!

On Wednesday I was so nervous and stressed, lol who am I kidding the whole year was stressful when it came to fashion but I loved it.  At lunchtime we had to show case our work to students who came, to us it was like a rehearsal for later that night but it was still scary.  My hands were shaking when I tried to get the outfit on Em.  I was so scared of what people would think of it, if they thought it was really bad, but at the same time I didn’t really care because I was proud of what I put up; it was what I wanted it to be.  After the parade I was quite surprised by how many complements and hugs I got ….I just didn’t think people would like it because it wasn’t your everyday runway design, because I did want it to be something people could wear in reality.

On the night I was manic backstage.  People where everywhere, things where everywhere.  The school brought in makeup artist to do the models make up which was exciting.  I got her to do Em’s makeup with a brown toned eye shadow to open up her eyes, I didn’t want to go heavy on the eyes because heavy toned makeup doesn’t suit her, the clothes where really dark and the lips were already going to be a bold colour.  She gave her a dark red look for the lips that matched the colour of the top.  The rest of the makeup was just your everyday blush and bronzer plus the base of course.

"Celest take a snap for me" (it got boring back stage) :)

The night was great, after all us year 11’s got their models to showcase the outfit we then came out with them and I was so nervous when I saw everyone I practically ran off stage, but it was such an amazing feeling seeing everyone clapping and smiling my way.  I really cannot wait until I do it again next year; I even already have a rough idea of what I want to do.  Next year I want to put both my garments on show, not just one.

Celest xo

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