Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Discover // Lumière Jewelry

Hello everyone how's your day or night going? 

I always stumble across such amazing shops and designers online and it only feels right for me to share them with you guys encase you're into a similar style. 

Lately I have been liking the style of layered necklaces that are delicate and simple as they are so effortless and have the capability of pulling a lot of different looks together. I came across 'lumiere Jewelry' on Instagram and when I saw their designs I just thought "girl you need to get a job, start saving  and get your hands on some".  

The jewellery they stock is exactly what I've been looking for. Their necklaces range to both the likings of  girly and grunge styles so take your pick. 

A bones is that they ship world wide people! When I saw that I got so excited and increase you're wondering they are based in Texas and sell the jewellery off Etsy.   

These are my personal favorites: 

Lumiere Details 

Celest xo

Friday, 5 February 2016

Pep Talk Time - After life

from = http://www.hypable.com/10-best-harry-potter-quotes/2/ 

I don't say much. Majority of people who meet me probably think I have no thought process, that my skull is only filled with air flouting around in erratic patterns back and forth, back and forth hitting the walls of my skull.  They're all wrong. I may be quiet but my mind is loud with tangled thoughts and questions that keep me up until the braking morning hours.  

There was one night a while a go were I began thinking about after life. I'm not a religious person I should mention that now. My endless thoughts wandered to the world of God, angles, heaven, reincarnation, spirits and ghosts. I got scared to my bones these thoughts and questions left me with electric shivers that put me into shock. This was the moment when I realised how scared I was. Not about dying but about the unknown. 

I have come to the conclusions that this is the thing I fear most and I think so does the majority of humanity. If we didn't then why do we search and worry over the possibility of aliens? Why create movies based on things we can not prove nor deny the existent of....maybe so we can laugh after with friends through the feared possibility of their existence. Have we in fact lived thousands of life times with the memories we had of them sucked into oblivion or once it's all over do we watch over our families through a silent presents? 

I know for certain my biggest fear is the unknown. I used to always wonder why people believe in religions, now I however think that it's a way for hope to fill in the unknown taking away their fears. You maybe wondering what I do however believe in the answer is I don't know. I know we are promised two things we will be born and we will die everything else is up to questioning. I do although like to live by this statement when it comes to the unknown " just because there is no evidence for it does not mean there is evidence against it". 

What do you think happens after life? Do you fear the unknown?  

Sometimes I think life is an illusion. We're all just puppets to something bigger and one day we wake up to its reality. 

PS. I'm sorry if this post was too deep I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and I'm sorry if it didn't make sense. Yes to those who recognised it "we are promised two things we will be born and we will die" is a quote on Tumblr.          

Celest xo