Thursday, 25 September 2014

Review // NYX Roll on Shimmer

I went and brought some NYX products and I brought something that’s so exciting!!!!!!

It’s called the “Roll on Shimmer” now I don’t know about you guys, but I have only just come across this product. Now can I just say it is so flipping cute and pretty!!!!

The point is you can put it anywhere on your face or body adding a shimmer. The range comes in so many colours for any event. The one I picked up is in the shade “Taupe” which is like a silver/gold shimmer and I’m using it to highlight my cheek bones. The solution is light on your skin and easy to blend, I also like how the shimmer is intense if you don’t blend it out yet so subtle when you do. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it easily rubes off on other surfaces.

the one closer to my hand has not been blended out :)

I’ll defiantly keep you guys updated on what I think about it and how I’m using it via twitter

Celest xo

Monday, 22 September 2014

A Love for Benefit!

For my birthday my friend Lulu brought me a present and it was the Benefit “they’re real!” mascara and she knows I love mascara and have been wanting to purchase this particular mascara for so long so when I opened the present I was so excited and grateful.

The packaging is so sleek and simple I love it! The consistency of the mascara is the perfect combination as it is not too runny and yet not cloggy at all. It doesn’t stick your lashes together or smug under the eye after a few hours, which can I just say HALA LU YA!! It makes your eyelashes so black and easily lengthens and volumes with only a single coating.
She also got me the “they’re real! Push-up liner” that came in a packet with the mascara. I however have not yet tried it, but I have heard great things about it so I cannot wait. I’ll defiantly let you guys know how it is though.

The next thing is the “Hello Flawless” powder foundation which I purchased, I’ve also been dying to get this… it’s really light on the face and gives a great coverage without it looking cakey. The shade I got was “nutmeg” which I was quite shocked by as it is the darkest in there range and I’m not normally matched to be that dark….


Celest xo

17 in counting

So on the 19th of September it was my 17th birthday. I had amazing day catching up with friends, seeing my family and having a surprise picnic while in the process of adding numerous layers of fat on from how much junk food I ate, but that’s okay I’ll just have to work it off tomorrow haha or not.

It got me thinking though, not the food I mean because let’s be honest if you know me you’ll know that I don’t do diets.

I am however referring to what people tend to say and ask for example; “do you feel older now that you’re 17?” ….lol no I feel the same, sadly it’s not like in fiction novels where something incredible and absolutely mind-blowing happens when you turn a specific age. Believe me on that one, I learnt it the hard way when I didn’t get my letter from Hogwarts when I turned 12 or have Hagrid breaking my front door down.

he means Celest!! 

I don’t want to be a hypercritic in this matter so I will admit I have asked this question to people before but I really just don’t know why. Now when I think about it however I feel as if for people it might be a sign of hope that things will get better at a big turning point in life and your age I guess is a big turning point...

Another thing I constantly got asked; “Omg only one more year till you’re 18, aren’t you so excited?”…

”no. why are you?”

“yes being 18 would be awesome!”


“…I don’t know…”

Personally getting older, not going to lie scares the fudge out of me. The age just holds to many responsibilities like Uni, income, the whole thing about “going in to the really world”. News flash universe I would rather be back in the playground not stressing about Uni or a job. I just want to cherish every moment now because I’m never going to be the age of 5 or 10 or 16 again, I’ll only ever be 25, 30,36 ect. And that sucks but that’s life.
It just amazes me how some people will hope for sleep, hope for Fridays, hope for the weekend and hope for the holidays but will never hope nor live for the moment they’re in.

Celest xo

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Little Bit About Me :D

My name is Celest, I’m 17 years old and Australia is my home. I have always loved fashion and always had a thought at the back of my head telling me I should pursue it as a career. My grandma is a dressmaker and she has a little studio at the back of her house. I remember when I was really young I would get bored being in there with her, so one day I grabbed pieces of material and pinned them on the manikin, designing dresses, tops, pants etc. After that it just stuck with me.

Now to be honest I never really had an interest in makeup, I never saw the point in it. That however changed very very and I mean very quickly as soon as I meet one of my now very close friend. She was and is obsessed with makeup and now I am too. I really have no clue how she infected me with  it but it is a pain in my ass….and yet strangely addictive and satisfying and this obsession began to happen around 2 years ago and now I swear it takes up a good 40% of my conversations.

I’ve started this blog because it honestly looked fun when I looked at other bloggers posting things and I wanted to do that too. I like writing so I figured why not do it about things I’m really passionate about.

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Celest xo

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review // NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

Hey guys, so after making this blog ages ago I finally built up the courage to write something and I hope that by the time I finish typing I’ll even post it haha :P 

For my first review the product I want to talk about I’m just in love with, I’m obsessed with eye makeup and I just think this is the best eyeliner ever. It’s called “Super Skinny Eye Marker” by NYX. It has a felt tip end and it is beautiful, it’s so precise and easy to apply. The consistency is smooth and it is quite matte which is something I love about it, as with some liquid eyeliner with sheen through it I just find it can sometimes be too over powering in the eye look. Once it has dried on it lasts for such a long time and doesn't crack like most liquid liners do. I would defiantly recommend it for people beginning to learn how to apply eyeliner as it is just so simple and easy to use and it is amazing to use with creating a cat-eye.

I brought mine at Target for $9.50 AU
Or you can order it from the website that I will list down below.

If you read this then thank you so much. It would mean so much to me if you could tell me what you thought.

Celest xo