Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Wish list // Autumn

Hello everyone!!

I’m beginning this new segment based on things that I would like to purchase based on the season. It is based on the trends that I’m seeing or predict will appear in shops. The list is not ranked in any specific order, in case you are wondering.

1. Flared pants…I know some of you may be thinking “what in the world is she thinking!” but I got to say they are growing on me when they are styled right. I see it going well with a midriff black top either thin straps or off the shoulder. Link to > 

2. When I saw this cape for the first time I nearly passed out. It looks and feels beautiful. I love how you can wear it casually but at the same time it can dress up an outfit. In autumn I suspect a lot of capes and ponchos will be in trend as it is a progression from kimonos. Link to >

3. I want this skirt so, so bad. On top of my love and want for this skirt and this style of knife pleats, this style in particular will be seen a lot this season. However, I suspect they will have fewer pleats shown on the skirts and they may be longer. This will be evident especially in plain fitting pencil skirts.   link to >

4  I’ve recently been loving the look of a big roll neck line, I think they are super cute. I would love to be wearing one of these pieces now! Especially considering they are coming into trend. Link to >

5. I really want this floppy hat. I would really like this to be in either a tan or an earthy toned colour. This is why I have not purchased this hat yetLink to >

I’m sorry for the fact that these products are only from two different stores! Nevertheless, I have really been liking these products lately and if I do find anything else that I like, I will either tweet or Instagram about it when I see it.  If you like this idea of a “wish list” post, then please comment down below on which item of clothing you like the most and what you have been seeing trending in stores.

Celest xo