Friday, 29 April 2016

Tips and Tricks // Curly Hair

Hello everyone I’m Celest and I hope you’re having a wonderful day or night wherever you are :) 

Today I have come to say that after 18 years of having untameable curly hair I think I’ve come to learn how to control it!  *starts to think about humid weather* …..I think….

Over the last few months I have changed the way I treat my hair in the morning which has made a significant impact.  Now I give you a hand full of tips to help you keep your curls in form and minimise frizziness.
  1. apply coconut oil to your hair before washing it (not a hair mask though you can do that too) 
  2. when your in the shower rinse your hair with cold water…for the recored I don't tend to do this unless its summer because I hate having to freeze while in the process 
  3. apple hair spray before drying your hair preferably a light one so it doesn’t dry out your hair I use this Sunsilk Gloss Finish Serum Spray or I use a creme such as Schwarzkopf Curl Flex Creme or just coconut oil again 
  4. when drying your hair use a blow dryer with the diffuser attached to make your curls extra springy. This method of drying also helps if you can pre tell your going to have a frizzy hair day   
  5. If you want you hair to dry with loose curls then use a cotton t-shirt or squeeze dry your hair with a towel 

There you have it! I hope that this helps you. In the future I think I’m going to do how to style short curly hair, these hair styles are great if you have only a few sections that are frizzy. 

Celest x 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dear Stranger #1

Dear Stranger,

We are living in a world with progressive technology lessoning the physical  interaction we have with one another. Don't make this mistake. Don't become addicted to the drug we call a screen.

Remember that every minute that you stare is a minute that will never return as it gets stolen . Day after day staring at the screen when you're in your room, with your friends as you talk, as you walk. you loss those precious minutes for nothing. 

You'll miss all the excitement life gives if you do.  

There is so much more out there, go on a road trip, fine something you love that's not on the screen, admire the beauty that living has to offer with the people you love. 

I'm not saying to abandon it, there will be times when it's needed. I am however saying be wary and step back at times because sixty seconds can turn into lost hours and those hours will never be returned.  

From The Past 

Celest xo 

PS. I am going to be posting a youtube video on this I think so stay tuned on social media if you want to see it :) 

Monday, 4 April 2016

update// Fresh Start

I haven’t been on here in a long time. I’ve been thinking constantly what do I want to make up of this site, of this page.  I always came back to this question and all I had to answer it with was that I wanted to be true, to show who I am and my thoughts. 

I always got stuck on thinking that it had to be beauty and fashion related because thats what the majority do. Well I’ve decided to screw that even though they are things I love. I want to share my thoughts in a positive way to inspire thoughts to those who stumble across my page for some unknown reasoned and can relate and hope. 

Sure at times I may post now and again on fashion and maybe even beauty but that’s not all I want to have a say in. 

The point of my blog is….to write and inspire to….be creative. 

Celest x