Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Rule to Colours

Hey guys!

I hope your all having a wonderful day! Recently I’ve been reading a lot more into styling because it may be something I might lean towards in the future. When I was reading I came across something that I though may be very, very handy for some of you guys to know and may just make your life easier when it comes to picking an outfit. Instead of standing in front of a mirror for an hour deciding, do these colours clash? Is the patterned scarf too much? Are people going to think I’m silly if I wear this combination together?...or am I the only one who needs several peoples opinion and is so indecisive…

I assure you though the three-colour rule will help you out with your (my) inability to make decisions on what to wear.

1. One Main Colour

Now from my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) the main colour is what brings the most attention to that part of an outfit. This colour/ item of clothing is the most bright and/ or patterned of the whole outfit.

Main = jacket ( I also based this piece on texture and pattern)

2.  An Accent Colour

This is the colour that complements the main colour (centred peace) in a flattering way. This is normally selected based on the centred pieces colour and it doesn’t need to be just an item of clothing it could also be an accessory. 
Accent = jeans (the jacket was dark navy blue)

3.  A Basic Colour

Now from the name of it, let’s be real, it’s pretty self-explanatory. This item of clothing is a simple colour such as white, grey or black that ties the entire outfit together and brakes up the other two colours.

Basic = white top

So there you have it! This has actually been helping me out so much because I’m always so indecisive! I swear I am so bad at sticking with an outfit. I’m always changing my outfit four times before I settle for an option and before I know it, I look around and it looks like a bomb has hit in my room because my clothes get everywhere!!!

Pease tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this?!

Celest xo

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  1. Amazing post dear!