Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Discover // Clothing

I just came across an amazing clothing store online people! Now if you’re a fan like me of Urban Outfitters, General Pants Co, Universal store, TopShop and others like them then you’re going to love what I have to share with you! 

‘Necessary Clothing’ has such an amazing range of patterns and styles within what they stock while also keeping up with the popular trends. It gives options for both casual and formal wear along with accessories.

Unlike someone of the above mentioned brands ‘Necessary Clothing’ is a bit on the cheeper side which is great for those on a budget which I happen to be apart of.
I have not however purchased anything from here yet but I promise you this I will be soon.

My Favourite Items

If you go ahead and purchase anything from ‘Necessary Clothing’ then please comment down bellow your review on the experience I would love to know about it as I’m sure many other people would too. 

Celest xo 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

pep talk time // Beauty

Our lives are all fabricated, fabricated from the truth and the one thing that has the most fabrication is beautiful. Beautiful to others and ourselves. 

This really grinds my gears.

No matter how many post people see online, no matter how many youtube videos they watch and no matter how many positive things are said to them they still don't feel beautiful. Why?  Because they are blinded by the illusion that has formed over the word.

The idea of beauty has shifted through out time, some believe it has to do with confidence and happiness, the aesthetics of something like artwork and the majority today believes it’s the way we look along with the approval of others.

But what if it’s not? What are the chances we have been conditioned just to think this way? A way in which others can hold superiority over use and gain wealth from all that comes from it? I personally think the chances are high as f**k.

I see a humans physicality as shell formed of bones, blood and skin… nothing more. It does not define me nor others. 

what does in my eyes however is who we are and when I say that I’m not referring to what our likes and dislikes are but deeper then that. I mean our soul. Now I don't care if you take this spiritually or subconsciously that parts up to you. 

with out our soul we’re hole, nothing. We can not distinguish who’s good and bad. 
Bad tends to be associated with something scary and……ugly.  
Then would that not mean good is pure, loving and……..beautiful? 

I don’t believe beauty is based on our physical appearance but the soul of who we are being kind, caring, loving and grateful.  

That to me is the definition of beauty.      

Celest xo


Saturday, 4 June 2016

#The Messy Effect

Ever since I was young I have felt as if something was wrong. Wrong with the system we live in and the thoughts we hold and the actions we take.

3 minutes ago I watch a video by Cartia Mallan and Emma Mercury who I'm sure you guys would know. Every word those girls said explained everything I felt from a young age to now. 
The concept is ‘The Messy Effect’ a community in which people can connect with one another making a change for the better. I want this to happen, it needs to happen. Yes its something big and seems so unachievable to reach a lot of people but so fucken what. Its a big challenge but a challenge that need to take place with the help of others. We’ve seen it with people in the past, making something seem imposable for a singular everyday person to change the order that we live in, however this time it will be a positive one. 

I am just one person with no platform in the world we live in but I’m not going to let that mask the voice we were all born with. 

There has been a reason that I’ve been holding off on restarting my youtube channel. It’s because I wanted it to be something in which I new wasn’t going to be formed on the duplication of what is as Cartia has said in past videos “the recipe” that everyone follows. The point is all if not the majority of my videos will be supporting the idea of ‘The Messy Effect’ and I cant wait. 

Celest xo

ps. videos will be coming soon 

The Messy Effect Video