Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tips and Tricks // 3 way Bronzer

Hey guys how are you going? Sorry I have not been posting lately school has been so full on but that will all end in another 3 months and then I’ll be constantly blogging which I’m so excited for!
So today I’m sharing 3 different ways I like to use bronzing powder!! J

1.      Lip colour

  •  Block out your lips with foundation, this allowing the shade to come out more pigmented
  • Over it apply some sort of lip balm/ something to just give it a shine

2.      Contour

  • I prefer to use bronzer as a contour because its less of a thick product to put on my face and I like the way I can easily build most products to the intensity I like

Tip: contour up towards your ear, slightly curving to your temple. This gives a sharper contour (don’t forget to blend!)

3.      Eye-shadow

  • Now originally I never thought of using bronzer for this…I don’t know why seem pretty obvious let’s be honest. It’s great if you want a natural look and you’re in a rush.

These three steps together tend to be my go to look for summer as well as when I’m in a rush and I feel like putting on makeup.

Why don’t you guys if you like comment what your favourite bronzer is to recommend to others?
My favourite is the Bahama Mama bronzer by The Balm 

Celest xo 


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