Friday, 11 December 2015

Style Story // Steph

Steph is one of my closest friends who I feel free to say anything to.  She is such a truthful person who is friendly, caring, bubbly and positive. Whenever Steph wears an outfit out I noticed how some of her characteristics are reflected through it. She wears a lot of soft, flowing fabrics that are quite loos on the figure these traits reflecting her sweet and caring side.


Name: Steph

Age: 18

Star Sign: Libra

Ambition: Steph  would love to travel and create a positive impact on the world while becoming a journalist.

Fav Shop: Tony Bianco (she loves shoes so much)

Social Media: She does not have any form of social media as it does not appeal to her

Steph - " I don't really know what influences what I wear...just different moods that I might be in."


Top = Top Shop (I got to say majority of my wardrobe is from here) 
Skirt = Op Shop 


Sunglasses = Dolce and Gabbana 
Handbag = Status Anxiety 
Jewellery = Jolie and Deen (love , love, love this store)

What I've gained from being around her style is the realisation that people who are shorter can wear jumpsuits and maxi skirt without looking even shorter! As well as allowing myself to gain confidence in this style enough so I myself can wear one as I do like their appearance.

I hope you guys liked this idea of a blog post! If you would like to see any more of Steph's outfits like a clubbing/ nigh outfit then just comment down below. :)

I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are in this world! 

Celest xx     

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