Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Tips // Beginners Brush Set

Hello everyone! I hope your all having a wonderful day or night wherever you are in this world  and I hope you had a lovely holiday. 

I remember when I first began becoming interested in makeup I was completely lost when it came to what equipment to use when applying it.  If this is you then I would recommend this set of brushes for you. 

The Nude by Nature has all the basic brushes you need when wanting to apply makeup and at a cost that isn't to large compared to other companies. It contains 3 eyeshadow brushes and 1 eyebrow brush which is practically all you need when creating simple eyeshadow looks.  It also contains 6 face brushes for your foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer.  

Buy it here
Price = $39.95 AU

Celest xx

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