Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Discover // Lumière Jewelry

Hello everyone how's your day or night going? 

I always stumble across such amazing shops and designers online and it only feels right for me to share them with you guys encase you're into a similar style. 

Lately I have been liking the style of layered necklaces that are delicate and simple as they are so effortless and have the capability of pulling a lot of different looks together. I came across 'lumiere Jewelry' on Instagram and when I saw their designs I just thought "girl you need to get a job, start saving  and get your hands on some".  

The jewellery they stock is exactly what I've been looking for. Their necklaces range to both the likings of  girly and grunge styles so take your pick. 

A bones is that they ship world wide people! When I saw that I got so excited and increase you're wondering they are based in Texas and sell the jewellery off Etsy.   

These are my personal favorites: 

Lumiere Details 

Celest xo


  1. Oh my goodness these are soon cute I want all these necklaces!

    1. I know right they are so nice!

      - Celest

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