Saturday, 4 June 2016

#The Messy Effect

Ever since I was young I have felt as if something was wrong. Wrong with the system we live in and the thoughts we hold and the actions we take.

3 minutes ago I watch a video by Cartia Mallan and Emma Mercury who I'm sure you guys would know. Every word those girls said explained everything I felt from a young age to now. 
The concept is ‘The Messy Effect’ a community in which people can connect with one another making a change for the better. I want this to happen, it needs to happen. Yes its something big and seems so unachievable to reach a lot of people but so fucken what. Its a big challenge but a challenge that need to take place with the help of others. We’ve seen it with people in the past, making something seem imposable for a singular everyday person to change the order that we live in, however this time it will be a positive one. 

I am just one person with no platform in the world we live in but I’m not going to let that mask the voice we were all born with. 

There has been a reason that I’ve been holding off on restarting my youtube channel. It’s because I wanted it to be something in which I new wasn’t going to be formed on the duplication of what is as Cartia has said in past videos “the recipe” that everyone follows. The point is all if not the majority of my videos will be supporting the idea of ‘The Messy Effect’ and I cant wait. 

Celest xo

ps. videos will be coming soon 

The Messy Effect Video


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