Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Little Bit About Me :D

My name is Celest, I’m 17 years old and Australia is my home. I have always loved fashion and always had a thought at the back of my head telling me I should pursue it as a career. My grandma is a dressmaker and she has a little studio at the back of her house. I remember when I was really young I would get bored being in there with her, so one day I grabbed pieces of material and pinned them on the manikin, designing dresses, tops, pants etc. After that it just stuck with me.

Now to be honest I never really had an interest in makeup, I never saw the point in it. That however changed very very and I mean very quickly as soon as I meet one of my now very close friend. She was and is obsessed with makeup and now I am too. I really have no clue how she infected me with  it but it is a pain in my ass….and yet strangely addictive and satisfying and this obsession began to happen around 2 years ago and now I swear it takes up a good 40% of my conversations.

I’ve started this blog because it honestly looked fun when I looked at other bloggers posting things and I wanted to do that too. I like writing so I figured why not do it about things I’m really passionate about.

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