Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review // NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

Hey guys, so after making this blog ages ago I finally built up the courage to write something and I hope that by the time I finish typing I’ll even post it haha :P 

For my first review the product I want to talk about I’m just in love with, I’m obsessed with eye makeup and I just think this is the best eyeliner ever. It’s called “Super Skinny Eye Marker” by NYX. It has a felt tip end and it is beautiful, it’s so precise and easy to apply. The consistency is smooth and it is quite matte which is something I love about it, as with some liquid eyeliner with sheen through it I just find it can sometimes be too over powering in the eye look. Once it has dried on it lasts for such a long time and doesn't crack like most liquid liners do. I would defiantly recommend it for people beginning to learn how to apply eyeliner as it is just so simple and easy to use and it is amazing to use with creating a cat-eye.

I brought mine at Target for $9.50 AU
Or you can order it from the website that I will list down below.

If you read this then thank you so much. It would mean so much to me if you could tell me what you thought.

Celest xo

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